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Veggie spaghetti with shrimp

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know I’m fascinated by home cooking—not elaborate food, but rather the quick weeknight meals people throw together after a long day at work. Today I’m delighted to welcome Jane Grey Battle, age 10, who shares her fast, healthy—and award-winning!—recipe for Veggie Spaghetti with Alabama Gulf Shrimp. Grey (as she’s called, […]

Homemade ricotta

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

If I finish all my weekend cooking projects, I often say: “Hmm, maybe I’ll make a peach pie.” (Or a batch of financiers. A pot of black beans. A pint of ice cream. You get the picture.) To which my husband will say: “Please, NO, you’re doing too MUCH, you need to REST.” It’s become a […]

Stir-fried tomatoes and scrambled eggs

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Last week, I went to Chinatown for the first time in years and when I turned onto Mott Street, I barely recognized it. There were single-source coffee shops and brunch-menu bistros. Nail salons. Vintage clothing boutiques. A few blocks further, I spotted some familiar sights: bins of dried shrimp and mushrooms spilling onto the street, tanks […]

Tuesday dinner with My Kugelhopf

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Can we talk about fish? Fish intimidates me. My cooking history is riddled with fish mishaps. There was the time I cooked some salmon filets in a hot pan, resulting in a stove spattered with indelible drops of oil and a kitchen that reeked for days. There was the time I stashed a whole dorade […]

Tuesday dinner with Thyme

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

There are few things I find more satisfying than creating a brand new meal out of leftovers, transforming the uninspiring contents of my fridge into something exciting — it’s like cooking magic. That is why I am so delighted by this week’s Tuesday dinner of stuffed vegetables, from the blogger Thyme (aka Sarah Kenney). She’s […]

Tuesday dinner with The Everyday French Chef

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

I don’t normally associate the words “salad” and “hearty” but maybe I haven’t spent enough time in the French Alps. Happily, Meg Bortin from The Everyday French Chef has enlightened me. Her recipe for Salade Savoyarde combines potatoes, country ham and — genius touch — melted Gruyère cheese into a warm, nourishing main dish that […]

Tuesday dinner with Croque-Camille

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

I know, it’s Wednesday. But I couldn’t wait another week to post this simple, satisfying, buttery and delicious recipe for tadka dal (a sort of spiced Indian lentil stew) from my friend and fellow Paris blogger, Croque-Camille. Camille is an American pastry chef (with famous buns) who lives in Paris with her husband, Nick, and […]

Tuesday dinner with Wini Moranville

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Phew! That was a long break! Apologies for my absence, mes amis. I was working on revisions to my new book, which meant the rest of my communication was limited to caveman grunts. I’ve been subsisting on crackers and peanut butter and my husband’s cooking (turns out he’s a genius with ground meat: chili, bolognese, sloppy […]

Tuesday dinner with Pat Tanumihardja

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Amid the longest days of winter — indeed, amid days that feel darker than usual — it seems more important than ever to gather with the people we love to eat something good once a day, to find comfort in food and recipes through passed generations. Perhaps no one understands this better than Patricia Tanumihardja, […]

Just for me

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

I wasn’t going to write a single word about this artichoke tart with a polenta crust. I just wanted to admire the recipe, cook it and eat it (and share it with my husband, of course). But polenta pondering? Tart reflection? Nope. I love to cook, but lately it’s been feeling more like work than pleasure. […]

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